Book Review: Economics on Trial: Lies, Myths, and Realities, by Mark Skousen
Economics on Trial: Lies, Myths, and Realities (Homewood, Illinois: Business One Irwin, 1991).  314 pages.  References, Index. 

It's funny, but this book sat on my shelf for quite some time while I was preoccupied with other things.  I had bought it because of its challenging tltle and subtitle. The table of contents was a more difficult matter, but I took a chance and bought it (for $1, used, no less!).  I knew nothing of economics at the time I bought it; I was and am a historian.  Eventually (several YEARS later?), I grabbed it off the shelf out of curiosity and finally began to give it some serious reading time.  It turned out to be one of the clearest, easiest to understand, most reasonable and meaningful books on economics that I have ever come across ( I have come across many others since). 

Many books on economics are truly "dismal," impossible, really.  They are full of charts and graphs and higher math, full of Keynesian thinking which, I discovered, is a tissue of fallacies.  This book cuts through the nonsense and unnecessary technicalities and simply tells you what's what, UP FRONT.  That's what a book SHOULD do.  The technical material, charts, diagrams, etc., are secondary. 

Skousen's economic/political orientation is of the so-called Austrian School. Thus, he agrees with Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, et al., that Keynesian economics is absolutely false and leads to disastrous "business cycles" (also called "depressions"), inflation, a lower standard of living, and many other problems.  No wonder that governments love Keynesian economics.
Interestingly, Skousen mentions that Ludwig von Mises refused to put any charts or diagrams in his books!  In flipping through his "Socialism," I don't see a single one!  I now have a growing collection of books on economics on my shelves, but Economics on Trial is one of my favorites.  It is because of authors like Skousen that I understand just how important a knowledge of economics really is for a historian.

The Maya Collapse as Economic Catastrophe, Part 1

Every civilization must deal with the problems and challenges of economics and money.  One may explore the practices of any civilization for evidence of this.  Thousands of fascinating examples await our examination from lands far and near, and in each there are critical lessons to be learned if we but pay close attention.  Applications to our own civilization and its economic health are by no means out of the question, however long ago or far away a given civilization flourished.  "Homo sum: humani nil a me alienum puto."  Economics and money are by no means the dry, dismal subjects which some academics make them out to be, either.  In fact, the more I think of it, the more I suspect that those same academics deliberately continue to quote Thomas Carlyle about  "the dismal science" in order to make people shy away from finding out how it all really works.

You have all seen the Mel Gibson movie, "Apocalypto," of course.  At 9/11 Essentials, there is a plot summary of this film:

As the Mayan kingdom faces its decline, the rulers insist the key to prosperity is to build more temples "bailouts" and offer human sacrifices "wars".

That's not a bad way of describing this film.  In fact, I really think that the archaeologists and anthropologists have missed the boat on this one.  I have some very good books on the Maya and other ancient Meso-American civilizations, written by very competent, experienced scholars, but only one of them says anything about the money they used, let alone the economic consequences of building so many temples, or other grossly wasteful state enterprises.  None of them say anything about their economies at large or how they really worked, or how successful or fragile they might have been.  I contend that the archaeologists have spent so much time studying the "high art," ruins, sculptures, glyphs, figurines, etc., and have been so spellbound with the strange, otherworldly beauty of this culture and its religion and mythology that they have almost completely overlooked the critical importance of the economic systems of these people.  One often reads of the "Maya Collapse," referring to the mysterious disappearance of the civilization of these people, i.e., their monumental architecture, their ceremonial centers, their sophisticated art forms, their beautiful and sophisticated writing and mathematical systems, and so on. What one does not read much about is the dynamic role of economics in this "collapse." 

We don't really know exactly and precisely what caused these Mayan city states to disappear so utterly.  Not enough information is available for definitive explanations of this, as would be the case, say with the much more recent French Revolution and the ensuing demise of the court of Louis XVI.  In the latter, information is plentiful and the picture is pretty clear for all to see.  A number of theories of the Maya collapse have been advanced, such as war, civil or otherwise, conquest, revolution, insurrection, drought, famine, malnutrition.  My best guess is that the primary cause was economic collapse.  Of course, any number of disastrous political, religious, social, agricultural, military, and environmental setbacks are also probable contributing factors in their demise.  But the extreme levels of destruction, the total wiping out of all higher forms of civilization and their physical expressions lead me to believe that, above all, when all is said and done, total economic collapse was, if not the cause, then the result of the Maya experience. 

 to wit:

  • An unstable, irredeemable currency, similar in effect to that of Revolutionary France 
  • Out of control debt
  • Constant warfare
  • The ruinous expense of an overextended empire
  • Reckless spending by "god kings" literally drunk with power and driven by the need for more and more consumption of the state's valuable resources to feed their vanity, fund their conquests, and gratify their lust for power
  • The combination of some cyclic environmental difficulties ( i.e., droughts, floods, maiz mosaic virus?)
  We see some of the same things wherever we look around the world.  The Pharoahs and their useless, gigantic pyramids, the "bad" Roman emperors and their countless palaces and endless wars, the French Kings of the 18th century with their Palace of Versailles, the Russian Tsars and their lavish lifestyles, to name just a few, commited many of the same excesses.  The latter cases, however, did not experience the complete "systems collapse" in the sense of abandonment of settlements or the complete cessation of all higher forms of civilization, as in the case of the Maya, though the financial catastrophes exacted by them were quite devastating enough in their own right, and would have given the Mayas a good run for their money in other ways.  In the non-Maya cases, differing conditions, less fragile economies, and the much more widespread literacy rate, etc., probably account for the differences. 

In the case of the Maya, it seems pretty clear that the people were also psychologically manipulated into cooperating with a thoroughly corrupt and degenerate ruling class.  Unbelievably elaborate, beautiful (and hideous) mythologies, religious practices, art forms, and lavish ceremonials were developed and cleverly perpetrated to cover for and justify the endless wars, reckless spending, and wildly expensive tastes of the "god kings" and their bloated military state.  Human sacrifice was used as a sort of combination catharsis, distraction, theatre, and passion play in order to practice mind control.  Maya religion may have had a perfectly natural and vibrant origin of similar nature to any number of other religious systems the world round, but as the state evolved (or devolved?) it eventually commandeered their religion for its own purposes which had nothing whatever to do with the original religious sense expressed.  In the hands of the state, the spectacle, psychodrama, as well as the political benefits derived therefrom were what counted, though the state did its best to maintain the illusion of sincere religiosity as a cover for their devious dealings.    

Indeed, this elaborate theatre was necessary for the same reasons as any state-sponsored mythology is necessary: MIND CONTROL.  Therefore, there was the need for:
  • "Pleasing" the "gods." 
  • The pretense of "righteousness" of the rulers.
  • The justification for their fitness to rule.
  • The justification for the current social and economic systems.
  • Keeping the economy going (even if unproductive, artificial, and in self-destruct mode), no matter what.
  • Keeping the people "unconcious" with respect to what was really happening to them, i.e., in a semi-hypnotic state.
  • Psychologically potent and profoundly symbolic ceremonies and art forms.
  • Human sacrifice to "appease" the "gods,"; i.e., the use of scapegoats, "enemies of the people," to frighten, intimidate, and distract the populace from understanding the underlying dynamics of their society, what the the REAL, underlying problems afflicting their society were, and from forming opposition to the rulers by challenging or revolting against them.  This would have been roughly analogous to those condemned to the guillotine during the French Revolution, the Jews killed by the Nazis, or the Kulaks murdered by the Soviets.
  • Constant, continuous war against enemies, real or imagined, and rivals to their power.
  • The general need to maintain control over the minds of the people, and thus, their obedience.  

    Obviously then, for these rulers to maintain their grip on power, their resort to the manipulation of human psychology played a central role.  In fact, pychological manipulation was virtually the key to Maya civilzation.  The "god kings" must have had some very clever students of the human mind working for them, because reality for the people was thoroughly shaped and conditioned by these master manipulators.  Modern psychologists have nothing on these guys!  They must have made some key discoveries about the human mind to have so utterly captured the imagination and obedience of the people, while at the same time leading them to such uttter disaster.

    Apparently, Maya city states were organized around "ceremonial centers" where the prescribed activities were carried out.  The people supposedly lived around these centers, but not in the them.  Their lives revolved around the "religious" activities in the ceremonial centers.   

Political Dreamtime?
More D's and R's, the paradigm from fantasyland. Or is it the "Dreamtime"?  . Just look at what passes for reality in most of the news programs and Congressional "newsconferences" that we witness on a daily basis.

Actually, folks are quite right to be concerned about Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck. I think I have finally got these guys figured out. I call it the "1% Syndrome."  99% of what they say is spot on. It's the other 1% that you have to watch out for.

What does that other "1%" consist of? The convenient fiction that there is a profound difference in political philosophy among the party leadership of the D's and R's. I contend that there is not. In fact, such an idea is now laughable to me in this day and age. If someone said there was SUPPOSED to be a profound difference between them, then I would agree. Of course there is supposed to be! We all know that! But that is clearly not the case. How do I know? The simplest explanation is that NOTHING EVER REALLY CHANGES! Thus, I consider these people propagandists, hirelings of the power elite whose primary job is to distract people from the real issues, deflect criticisms from the power elite, maintain the essential, core, "dominant social themes" which the power elite count on to maintain their grip on power.

But the road away from this intellectual fraud does not lead to the "left wing" newscasters either. They are just the flip side of the same phenomenon.

Behind closed doors, beyond the blue smoke and mirrors, the players and producers of this psychodrama called the "Great Recession" are all sharing drinks, swapping stories, scratching each others' backs, and having great fun (at our expense, of course), and laughing all the way to the bank (they own it).

This kind of talk doesn't resonate with some folks. It's too much for them, they have too much invested in the current illusions that they have grown up with, withdrawal would be too painful, the illusions are too strong, the mythology is too potent for them to free their psyches from it, etc.  Or, they just don't care.

But the power elite cares, even if they don't. They want us to keep right on believing in the social promotions that they have paid their publicity people to put out there for your consumption. They have been studying psychology and mind control for a long time, and they know what works. Most of us out here do not realize what we are dealing with. The human mind is the greatest of cosmic wonders, and its control and manipulation are the most important goals of all for the rich and powerful. Their number one priority is MIND CONTROL.

These newscasters are just big puppets of much bigger puppet masters. Beware of them.

Book Review: Fiat Money Inflation in France, by Andrew Dickson White
Fiat Money Inflation in France (1896), by Andrew Dickson White
80 pages, available for purchase ($10) or as PDF File to read for free @:
Is there anything more to be learned from the French Revolution?  You bet there is!

Of the many, many books on that catastrophic event, Andrew Dickson White's Fiat Money Inflation in France is a must stop in one's historical itinerary.  I have often thought it odd that economics and monetary policy should be so overlooked in the study of history when so much of the fate of civilization rides on them.  The study of history is  a humbling experience.  It teaches us that we are far from the first in many things, that we stand on the shoulders of giants (and Lilliputians), and that most, if not all, of the "problems" that we experience have been experienced and dealt with before, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  Not only that, but the "solutions" proposed to said problems have also been proposed long before we came upon the scene.  The "solutions" may have been right or wrong.  The names change, the surface details change, the trappings, clothing, culture, and jargon change, but underneath, they are the same basic problems which all civilizations face. 
Now the issue of Revolutionry France and its monetary policy.  Ah, yes, monetary policy!  Where does the mind of man go wrong more often than in his contemplation of wealth and weal?  Where do character flaws and psychological undertows take hold the most viciously, perniciously, and inexorably?  Upon which wayward track does civilization derail the most often?  Those questions are debatable, certainly.  But for my money (no pun intended) "money" is the one factor which bedevils the mind of man more often than any other. 

Money, that indispensable tool which no civilization can do without!  So many civilizations have stumbled over it!  Yet, what has the human race learned?  There is a recurring destructiveness in the history of civilizations which frequently involves money.  What causes it?  Whatever it is, it might involve delusions, or defects in men which harass and derail human action on the earth from time to time.  With the exception of romance, of no other subject is this more true than with that of money.

As the author has put it, "patience and self-denial" would set things right if only they were put into practice by astute, responsible governments. 

No more striking example can be seen of the truth uttered by Daniel Webster, that "of all the contrivances for cheating the laboring classes of mankind, none has been more effective than that which deludes them with paper-money."
Indeed, and France has experienced this principle as grievously as any nation ever has.  During the French Revolution, the government tried several times to institute fiat paper money as the national currency, only to fail miserably and catastrophically.

Andrew Dickson White had been Late President and Professor of history at Cornell University; sometime United States Minister to Russia and Ambassador to Germany; Author of "A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology," etc.

The edition of the book I am reviewing is from 1933, but the book was first published back in 1896.  it was back just before the American Civil War that White collected the source material in France and elsewhere.  This consisted of material on the French Revolution; newspapers, reports, seeches, pamphlets, illustrative items, and especially specimens of Revolutionary issues of paper money, e.g., notes of ten thousand livres to those of one sou.

As White chronicles, the issuance of paper money in Revolutionary France was a total disaster.  This does not mean, however, that the French politicians were unaware of the potential dangers of paper money.  Indeed, the Frenchmen had historic precedents to draw from in the monetary disasters perpetrated on France by the Scotsman, John Law back in 1720.  The issue back then was also the issuance of paper money, and the results were equally catstrophic.

Yet, those Frenchmen went and made the same mistakes all over again as if nothing unusual had happened way back in 1720.  It is tempting to think that they were afflicted with historic amnesia.  But they were not.

As White reports, they thought that they had found the solution to the problem.  They declared that one-third of the entire landed property of France would serve as collateral for the issues of paper.  This property included the best real property they had, including the confiscated estates of the Church and of the aristocrcracy.

To provide a little background, France had found itself in bad financial shape in 1789.  This was due mainly to huge debts run up by the government during the French and Indian War and during the American Revolution when the French lended extensive assistance to the Americans.

When the French state began to unravel, it also became clear that it was wasting huge amounts of money on the whims and fancies of royalty, and was backward, primitive and inefficient.  it was also very unfair to the common people and anybody of entrepreneurial spirit.  Such a political/social system was ripe for change through the King and the lords did not realize it (a fatal mistake).

The Revolutionaries did realize it, and, of course, proposed the many radical canges which the French Revolution is famous for.

However, the ensuing chaos and violence proved to be too much for them.  Overwhelmed as they were with trying to control a country which was no longer in any mood whatsoever to be controlled in any way, with mobs rampaging over the countryside and city streets alike, they were, no doubt, in no proper mental state to resist the judgments of "dreamers, theorists, phrase-mongers, declaimers, schemers, speculators, or...that sort of "Reform" which is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

Revolution or no, they had money problems, and very severe, and there were no easy, painless, or quick fixes for them.  Patience and self-denial were what was needed, but, as White explains, "Few nations have ever been able to exercise these virtues; and France was not then one of these few."

The Revolutionaries went on to print their paper money, thinking they had solved their financial problems.  But their finacial problems only widened and deepened.  Hard, sound money (gold and silver) began to disappear because the people had no confidence in the paper issue.  Inflation began to eat away at the paper currency until its ratio to gold made it look worthless.

The government passed laws to force people to use the paper currency even threatening them with the death penalty for avoiding or evading it.  All to no avail.  The government tried again and again to save the paper currency.  They issued more of it, each time promising that this would be the last time, that there would be no more increases in the money supply, then broke their promises and printed and distributed millions more, thereby throwing gasoline on the fire.

Eventually, the "Assignat" became utterly worthless.  Capital fled the country, and entrepreneurs right along with it.  Disorder reigned, anarchy prevailed, poverty plagued the country, strikes and riots erupted, war followed, and dictatorship loomed.   

Typical "Reforms" Do Nothing to Stop the Destructiveness of Central Banking

"Reforms" DO NOT stop destructive business cycles, or stop criminal business activity, or stop corrupt government officials from robbing us six ways to Sunday.

Also, increased regulation does not equal the banishment of "irrational exuberance."

Extraordinary popular delusions are ever present, as are crooks and incompetents, both inside and outside of government, who are always ready to take advantage of it, or allow it to go on, outrageously, without doing a thing to stop it. 

The Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme proves this.  Madoff was nearly 10 years into his crime spree before he was finally taken down.  Thousands of people were ruined.  Some lost their entire life's savings.  Some lost everything.  What did the SEC do during all that time?  Nothing.  Nothing but the routine prosecuting of low-level, small time cheaters.  The Big Fish it let go.  It was told repeatedly by Harry Markapolos what was going on and was given all the information that it needed to go after Madoff.  Still nothing.

Ron Paul's bill for a full audit of the Federal Reserve has been rejected by the House in favor of the soft ball version (Dodd-Frank Empowerment Act).  The FED continues to exercise a hypnotic affect on Congress. Even some co-sponsors of HR1207 voted against it.  It is going to take something extraordinary to change this situation.  It really amounts to a deadlock.  Congress has granted the FED unconstitutional powers and will not reign it in.  

Clearly, the FED is nothing more than an ingenious criminal enterprise, but one must not disparage this ingenuity.  On the contrary, one must marvel, if only for a moment, at its wondrous design, its ability to control our entire society, and its amazing, self-perpetuating, publicly mesmerizing grip on power.  It is arguably the greatest criminal enterprise ever created in the history of the world. 

Sadly, there are few heroes in either political party with the courage to stand up to the FED and the whole concept of "central banking," along with Congressman Paul.  Both political parties are thoroughly corrupt and bought off, except for a scattered few lone wolves like Congressman Paul.

How Do We Get Better Government?
Greater involvement and vigilance of the people.  But in a republic, especially one of this size, this is well nigh impossible. The best that we can hope for is that as information filters out and circulates, more and more citizens will become aware and weigh in with their own opinions.
The fact that the process is incredibly boring and time consuming are the basic reasons why more people don't participate. How do we get somebody interested in that which is incredibly boring and time consuming? Not a chance.

As for the Governator of California, he's a fine one to talk about the fiscal crimes of the Mayor and friends of the city of Bell, California!  Arnie himself presides over the systematic pillaging, dismantling, and destruction of the greatest economic powerhouse in the history of the U.S.! Now that's something to be proud of! Arnie is just another NWO puppet, wannabe dictator, and general, muscle bound, all around egomaniac who is taking advantage of the situation and scoring some political points. What is that situation? A state full of distracted, dumbed down, brainwashed, daydreaming, unfocused, uninformed, babes in the woods, just the way politicians such as Arnie like them.

I don't trust him. If he's involved in anything, all it means is that he sees another opportunity to EXPAND HIS POWER and make a name for himself! Like Hitler, he pays lip service to what sounds "good," pushes all the right publicity buttons, massages all the right egos, strokes all the right personalities, cultivates all the right relationships, goes to all the right secret meetings where the lords and ladies plot our "fate." But he is a wolf in sheepskin. His agenda is under the guidance of bankers guided by those odd little men in white coats who work in those shadowy institutes of "human psychology" which nobody has ever heard of which are financed by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

The fact is that this late, not so great state of CA is being run by a cabal of gangsters intimately connected to the NWO, and Arnie is just their latest local Mafia Don. Down with Arnie! Down with the NWO! The people don't need to unite, they need to WAKE UP!

Some Thoughts on Social Security

Social Security is a fraud, a gigantic fraud!  We have all been cheated, fleeced, and lied to!  We have every right to be angry with this and previous administrations.

What lessons can we draw from this tragic tale?

That Social Security is a "ponzi scheme."

That Social Security may be adequately "funded" now, but will soon run out of money. 

That personal responsibility is paramount.

That a knowledge of at least the basics of economics is indispensable.

That no government is above lying to its constituents in order to get what it wants.

That no government is above cheating the people out of their property, their sacred honor, or their cultural heritage.

That rascals and thieves abound in the world, and naturally, habitually, and instinctively gravitate to government because it is there that they can maximize their criminality under the guise of "law and order."

That it is not the role of government to "take care" of people with "womb to tomb" services.

That the "welfare state" is a complete abomination.

That people must be encouraged whenever possible and in every way possible to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERYTHING THAT THEY DO ON THIS EARTH.

That the government has no money and does not create wealth; rather, government steals/confiscates it from the producers and gives it away in the form of bribery to others who do not work for it.

That no good deed goes unpunished.

That government becomes infected with criminality with frightening speed if the citizenry does not keep a sharp eye on the proceedings and take action when needed.

That bureaucrats will utilize any and all powers of the state to give their criminality the patina of legality and morality, as well as to destroy their enemies and enrich themselves.

In fact, that government seeks to become "God"; all their pronouncements, all their proclamations, all their legislation, has the attitude of the deity, that we derive our rights from them, that they "deign" to give us whatever rights and privileges that we may have, that they are the source of LIFE ITSELF.

This current crop of "gods" (or "judges") reminds one of those corrupt, psychotic, disgusting, fat, worse-than-useless, royal buffoons and their preposterous, bloody officials and slavers, in the movie Apocalypto.  Set in the time and place of the ancient Maya, the whole movie is, nevertheless, really a metaphor of a totally corrupt, bloody, destructive, terminal, murderous state and how a "hero" defies it, protects his family from it, defeats it, and has a new beginning for himself and his family.


The "Benefits" of Illegal Immigration

How can illegal aliens "depress the overall wage scale," without at the same time displacing American workers?

Some folks say that "many find field work demeaning and too physically demanding. These jobs would go begging were it not for immigrant workers."

Isn't that too bad!  SOMEBODY has to do the work, and by that I do not mean imported, subsidized, slave/serf, illegal aliens, either!  They are wrong who say that "These jobs would go begging."  There's plenty of material to work with right here on this side of the border: legal aliens, the unemployed, hoboes, welfare cases, and idle, muscle-bound youth.  We are talking about a HUGE crowd of folks, many MILLIONS all over the country, so many of whom are not working and not earning their keep.  THEY can do the "challenging" jobs.  As long as they are able-bodied, if they don't work, they should not eat.  No more welfare state.  Charity for the rest.

Why don't they do the "challenging" jobs?  Because the monster "welfare state" has made it possible and even profitable for them not to.  Is that how our country is supposed to work?  Hell, if that's the case, we might as well have kept on with the slaves!  At least our selfish intentions to exploit their labor would be clear.   

As things stand now, we are bombarded with all sorts of propaganda about how illegal immigration is "good" for us, that our country would "collapse" without it, that prices would "skyrocket," that it would be a "catastrophe," that it would be "inhumane" to deport them, that they "only want to work," that they are "only seeking a better life," that we "can't blame them" for wanting to get out of the hell-hole of Mexico, that we "can't break up families," that we "can't do without them," that we "owe" them and their employers subsidies because they do hard work that nobody else wants to do......

Some folks seem to think that kicking the illegal alien habit is either impossible or undesireable!  No more so than for a junky trying to kick the habit and get off dope!  Or should the junky just keep on snorting and shooting up till the bitter end when he dies, just like this sick, rotting little political entity called the United States?

Is it "meanspirited" to want to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution?  Is it miserly to want to defend the integrity of one's homeland?  Is it wrong to want to maintain good order in immigration matters?  Should we be happy that our city, county, state, and country are bankrupt because of subsidies to illegal aliens?  Would it kill illegal aliens to stay home and try to build their own great nation?  It might, but no more so, and no more tragically that the young men who died in our own American Revolution!  Was the answer to our problems with British tyranny to run away like cowards and cross the borders of another country, there to cause our new hosts and ourselves still more problems?

Some folks accuse Americans of a "double standard" when it comes to illegal immigration.  I didn't know that human nature came with a "political label" on it.  From where I stand, the two party system long ago became a convenient political fiction, a facade for the gullible, a vehicle for the acquisition of total political power, and the establishment of criminal economies of scale of a magnitude undreamed of by the greatest kings, conquerers, freebooters, and mafias of former times.

The latter group of billionaire kingpins, dizzy with power, is really the sinister force behind the whole illegal immigration affair, and much, much, else, citizens. 

And here sit we, waiting to die the political death of all people condemned to serfdom.

Will E-verify Help Stem Illegal Immigration?

On the surface, E-verify would appear to be a very good way to help keep illegal immigration under control.

Yet, I wonder.  What if E-verify were part of a much larger, more comprehensive plan not actually directed at illegal aliens at all, but against the rest of us?  Something about all this "electronic registration" for everything bothers me.  The same with a "national ID card."  Should a dark day come when we fall under the thumb of a dictator, that great big high-tech registration system could be used with deadly effectiveness and consequences against the people.  This all could lead to the forced implantation of RFID Chips in every human being on this planet.

The people are in a difficult position.  Here we have illegal aliens pouring in and we do want something done to stop it.  At the same time, technology is making quantum leaps, and privacy is a thing of the past.  Much of this technology is hidden from public view, so that we are not aware of just how dangerous it could be if it fell into the wrong hands.

The possibilities for abuse are frightening.  And the power elite is in the perfect position to put their perverted theories into practice by taking us right to the edge of the cliff.

I think that the power elite has put us in a game of chicken.  They hold all the cards in this game.  When we get to the edge of the cliff, they, being super rich and super powerful, will be able to avoid going over, suffering, starving, etc.  The people will not.  In exchange for "saving" us, they will put the yoke of Big Brother around our necks.  And that's it.  Checkmate.

That's the price that we will have to pay for our "salvation" from the power elite when the moment of truth comes.

Unless we fight back before it is too late.

We are, therefore, in a race against time.  Thus, Obama's rush to "get things done" in such a hurry.  He has to before too many people wake up and get wise and stop believing in authoritarianism and its convenient fictions, stop listening to public officials, and change their minds about the whole array of programmed illusions and theatre which they have created for us.

Come on, guys, wake up!  We are in the grip of gangsters who mean us NO GOOD!  Stop your daydreaming and fretting over bread and circus and join the fight!


The Perils of Illegal Immigration

The situation is ominously similar to the slavery controversy in the ante-bellum period. That should make everyone nervous. But turning a blind eye to this problem (while some of us profit from it) has been a bad strategy, and is NO LONGER WORKING. “Compromises” such as “Amnesty” are not going to stop the gathering storm. 

The price we pay for this immoral, disgraceful marriage of convenience is too high and for some of the same reasons that slavery was. Toilet-converted, trash-filled parking lots and streets are the least of our worries. Our welfare rolls, prisons, and schools have filled up with illegals. Illegal drunken drivers have killed us, they have taken jobs away from Americans (this is especially painful in a Depression), they have allied themselves with Marxist political ideologues who have shamelessly pandered to them, organized them, stirred them up, inspired them to march in our streets and insult us with their national flags right in our faces. What’s next, a revolution? 

Sorry folks, but soon, life is going to get a lot harder for some; the people on welfare, the bums, the hobos, the Saturday supermen idly strutting their stuff in the malls, and the unemployed, are going to have to do the work formerly done by illegal aliens. It’s either that, or put up with successive new tidal waves of illegal aliens and their public nuisances, and watch your country be put up on the auction block and sold to the lowest bidder.


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